Yieldigo equips retailers with scientifically optimal prices

Our SaaS solution leverages leading-edge operations research to help retailers
to maximise profit and revenue by better pricing tactics.

Price optimisation

Most price management solutions enable pricing managers and category managers to apply simple business rules to get desired prices.

Yieldigo price optimisation combines rule-based pricing with mathematical optimisation. It lets you to set price ranges where the optimal price shall be found. Given that and your corporate strategy, mathematical optimisation then computes optimal prices. Yieldigo incorporates and reflects many factors.

Same shelf – different views

Retailer | How many factors do your pricing mangers consider when setting new prices? Our experiences show 3 is the maximum. Yieldigo AI calculates and considers many factors that matter.

Shopper | Shoppers decision making about purchase is complex with dozens of competing preferences. Yieldigo AI considers all significant ones.

AI price optimisation plugin

Yieldigo uses deep learning and statistical algorithms to model customers purchase behaviour and increase retailer’s profitability.

The algorithm uses machine learning techniques, so it continuously reflects actual buying decisions of your customers. Every time you reprice your goods, Yieldigo equips you with optimal prices to boost your profitability. The tool can be stand-alone software and plugin to your current pricing solution as well.

Adopt your price optimisation in few steps

1. Yieldigo algorithm

At the heart of Yieldigo there is an AI algorithm that leverages leading-edge operations research.

2. Training on client's data

Once the algorithm is trained on your data it becomes your chain specific price optimisation software.

3. Mapping customers behaviour

Now Yieldigo completely understands what, when, where, why and for how much your customers want to buy.

4. Set your pricing strategy

Various price constraints to be respected by the optimisation algorithm.


Given the setup, now its the right time to reprice your assortment.

6. Machine learning

Yieldigo AI continuously evaluates your shoppers price reaction and gets smarter with every repricing.

Effortless integration into existing pricing systems

Yieldigo software is a mathematical plugin that integrates into your current pricing system easily. It keeps your pricing workflows and processes untouched while equips your pricing system with scientifically optimal prices.

Start trial now and adopt the tool in 4 months

Integration & Model settings

business evaluation | data integration | live data feed | model settings & calibration | ML initiation | test

MONTH 2 – 3
Trial period

regular price changes | optimal prices delivered to client’s system and store shelves


results evaluation | whole assortment rollout | test | watching your profit and revenue to growth


Yieldigo delivers optimal prices every week, day or even hour

"Successful retailers will need to know what their customers want and need, not just what competitors are doing. Compete first with the best version of yourself and second with the best-in-class retailers."