Besides price optimisation,
we help retail clients with much more

Once our algorithms analyse your data and identified business trends
and customer behaviour patterns other services are within reach.

Demand Forecasting

Adopting Yieldigo forecasting solution you can track changes in demand from regular price optimisation, promotions, ads, displays etc. The model is automatical and self-learning as new situations occure. Forecast the demand of your items at store level.


Along with Yieldigo markdown module retailers can setup the markdown parameters for selected items and activate the markdown procedure. The module sets optimal markdown prices in order to accomplish the user settings considering these inputs: due date, quantity, minimal allowed margin/price, price change frequency and minimal price change. The result is maximal profit thanks to the optimal markdown pricing.


Every time retailers schedule a new promotion, Yieldigo equips them with a sorted list of items that are actually the best candidates to be promoted. Optimal promotion prices are suggested. Additionally, Yieldigo provides estimates of expected revenue, profit and quantity that the planned promotion will generate. Promotion effects, transfer of demand and much more are displayed to the user; promotion type specific.