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May 17, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Yieldigo, a leader in Price Optimization based on Customer-Centricity, has been named a “Cool Vendor” in Digital Commerce in the May 2019 report by Gartner Inc.

Co-founder and CEO of Yieldigo David Klecka said, “Our mission is to return consumers back into the center of pricing decisions within supermarkets and drugstores. Yieldigo delivers measurable improvements for B2C retail clients via simplicity. The field of AI pricing platforms is still in its infancy. We are delighted Gartner has included us as one of five vendors in its 2019 Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce report. Our transparent solution gives retailers the confidence to embrace this emerging innovative approach that is applicable across any business size and allows them to A/B test the Yieldigo plugin as an enhancement to their other systems and operations. We provide a zero-risk approach in our ‘Pricing-as-a-Service’ offering with free integration costs, which is what we believe makes us even cooler.”

Stanislav Zrcek, General Manager Retail Central and Eastern Europe at Diebold Nixdorf said, “Diebold in CEE included Yieldigo solution into our portfolio because it’s bringing great value and benefits to our retail clients while putting the customer into the center of pricing decisions. All is due to the usage of new technologies as neural networks and machine learning.”

Gartner subscribers and clients can access the report here Gartner Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce.

Gartner, Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce, Christina Klock et al., 17 May 2019

About Yieldigo

From 2016 Yieldigo helps retailers such as supermarkets, drugstores, and pharmacies to set optimal non-promotional prices to increase profitability. This is done by a proprietary machine learning algorithm that creates a model of consumer’s purchasing behavior. It combines retailers’ business objectives and creates optimal prices based on both perspectives. As a result, Yieldigo creates a profit uplift for their customers of 5-15% while preserving their revenues and price index.

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