Grocery Retailer Optimizes Regular Shelf Prices

“We wanted an intuitive price optimization tool that brings measurable profit.”

+ 5.7% Profit Increase

while increasing turnover by 1.9%

Region: CEE

Industry: Grocery

No. of stores: 6

Turnover: 420 M EUR

“Setting up and configuring this dedicated AI price optimization tool for every single product category was super easy. We were impressed by the measurable improvements in profit and turnover. In fact, we could see these for ourselves as YDG walked us through the exact measurement process.”

Head of Revenue Management

Yieldigo Services Provided

  • No upfront/implementation costs charged

  • Data integration to Yieldigo SaaS

  • Initial optimization engine setup

  • Price-monitoring with alert service

  • Specific prices per zone

  • IT cloud infrastructure

  • Benefits evaluation assistance

Challenges Overcome

  • Article families creation

  • Input data in incorrect coding format

  • Customized data export

  • Omnichannel

  • Compatibility of various data sources (especially promotion types)

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