Online Pharmacy Optimizes Prices

“We wanted to automate our pricing and make our pricing strategy more formalized and effective.”

+ 15.2% Profit Increase

while increasing turnover by 0.9%

Region: CEE

Industry: Pharmacy


Turnover: 24 M EUR

“We realize that making individual article prices optimal is tough because there are a lot of market dynamics that may influence the final price while the cost-plus method does not simply cover these situations. That’s why we integrated price optimization tool based on artificial intelligence. We measured a significant increase in profit after four weeks.”


Yieldigo Services Provided

  • No upfront/implementation costs charged

  • Data integration to Yieldigo SaaS

  • Initial optimization engine setup

  • User Administration

  • IT cloud infrastructure

  • Benefits evaluation assistance

Challenges Overcome

  • Customized article sorting by category

  • Frequent promotion price changes

  • The various average supplier price

  • Application availability during the client-side system upgrades

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