Grocery Retailer improves profit by 5.8%

“We wanted a price optimization solution that we could trust and which would help us to improve our profit, and become more accurate and efficient.”

+ 5.8% Profit Increase

while increasing turnover by 0.6%

Region: CEE

Industry: Grocery

No. of stores: 13

Turnover: 1.25 B EUR

“We adopted Yieldigo, because of its tangible improvements. We could see no other company in the price optimization market that was willing to provide exact measurement and proof of profit benefits.”

Head of Revenue Management

Yieldigo Services Provided

  • No upfront/implementation costs charged

  • Data integration to Yieldigo SaaS

  • Initial optimization engine setup

  • Automatic data check for imported data

  • Customized price rounding

  • Benefits evaluation assistance

Challenges Overcome

  • Competitor price aggregation

  • Individual promotion types

  • Output data customization

  • Omnichannel

  • Input data in incorrect coding format

  • Supplier price extraction from transactional data

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