Companies that want to succeed in their business need to adapt to new, and sometimes fully non-standard, market circumstances and innovate. The 21st year of the Microsoft Awards showcased and recognized companies that use modern technologies in a new way and connect them with data, processes and people. This prestigious competition awards the best and most innovative companies that are partners with Microsoft in Czechia and Slovakia.

The winner of the Microsoft Awards 2019 in the FMCG & e-Tail category is Yieldigo with its Customer-Centric AI pricing platform and its customer Koší

Yieldigo helps Supermarkets, Pharmacies, and Drugstores to set optimal prices. It increases predictability in pricing and leads to achieving all of the company’s business goals through its Customer-Centric AI platform. Yieldigo serves its clients across the European and Russian markets.

“Strategic and operational decisions based on hard data are the basic need for every industry, including retail. The clear trend now is Augmented analytics that pushes it to another level, meaning more automation and putting data into a more complex retail environment. It is clear now that beyond Augmented analytics retailers will have to adapt to using AI/ML solutions to predict the impact of their decisions, not only in pricing. This development also includes a higher demand for the availability of computing power.” Jiří Psota, CTO, Yieldigo.

“Thanks to the speed and agility of the Yieldigo AI platform, we were able to immediately react to many key factors in the recent COVID-19 turbulent situation. Yieldigo made our pricing decisions much easier, but above all, it reflected our customer in the full context, which is essential for us.”
Tomáš Jeřábek, CEO.

This year of the Microsoft Awards received 179 nominations from 109 unique companies in 11 categories. All these companies quickly adapted to the recent situation in the last months and helped to tackle challenging issues during the crisis. This was also the first year where the announcement of the best companies took place through an online live stream right from the Microsoft Prague offices.

“Through the Microsoft Awards we support innovative projects that help to fully develop the potential of our companies and show the benefits for health and quality life in our company” says Martin Hruška, SMB Segment Director for Czechia and Slovakia, Microsoft.

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