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A career with Yieldigo is more than just a job with a price tag, it’s an investment into your professional growth and a shared vision.    

We celebrate teamwork, innovation, and success. Come and join us!

We’re a team made up of 11 nationalities. We are growing while working on a world-class price management product. You have a brilliant opportunity to become part of a great, inspiring, and super friendly team.

Who We Are

The prices of goods influence billions of human lives every day—Yieldigo disrupts the old pricing technologies retailers used to rely on to put a price tag on their goods. With growing dynamics and complexity, not to mention the immense amount of data available to us today, pricing has become notably challenging, even for pricing experts.

40 Teammates

Working at Yieldigo means being part of a unified team of individuals who are passionate about what they do. We espouse a results-oriented culture with a strong commitment to deliver, and perform cutting-edge product development. We’re experiencing company growth, while constantly leveling up our business professionalism and company policies.

11 Nationalities

We’re truly fortunate that mutual respect, trust, flexibility, drive, self-motivation, perseverance, sense of ownership, leading by example, entrepreneurial spirit, being held to a higher standard, and an international and open company culture have an undeniable place here.

We are tough, but we are fair. We call it tough love. We are YIELDIGO!

Our Team's Voices

"The real perk to working at Yieldigo is helping to develop and grow the product and brand of a truly innovative and brilliant ML/AI software in the fascinating and rapidly evolving B2B SaaS Retail Price Management industry."

Diego Fildes (USA / Spain)

Content Marketing Manager

“What I value at Yieldigo the most is that I don’t work with coworkers, but with my friends.”

Rudolf Dobiáš (CZECHIA)

Head of IT Development

"Yieldigo offers an interesting and innovative job, I love that there is always something new to learn! I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues and enjoy the personal interactions with our customers from different countries.“

Tamila Mirkamalova (UZBEKISTAN)

Customer Success Manager

“At Yieldigo I can always feel support from the others. We can rely on each other and this contributes to maximum trust and perfect results.”

Tereza Holubová (CZECHIA)

IT Delivery

“I joined Yieldigo because it’s an innovative and flexible company that has the right product to grow in the international market of pricing.”

Caio Martins Varela (BRAZIL)

Senior Sales Executive

"Yieldigo is a company of professional and ambitious people who are moving forward to success. Truly a great team to be a part of!“

Kenan Baghirov (AZERBAIJAN)

Senior Sales Executive

"What I love at Yieldigo is the chance to cooperate with other departments, such as marketing, product, delivery and customer success. It not only makes me better equipped for my job, but also more involved in the company operations."

Jovana Milenkovic (SERBIA)

Account Development Representative

"I am proud to work at Yieldigo, where I find immense satisfaction in my role and the company’s vision. The opportunity to contribute to our growth while collaborating with a talented and dedicated team makes each day both enjoyable and fulfilling."

Alina Denyshchenko

Why YOU?

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