Retail Pricing Heroes with Miha Deu, Head of Online Sales at SPAR Slovenija d.o.o.

We’re back with another compelling and telling edition of Retail Pricing Heroes magazine, your source for in depth retail pricing knowledge delivered straight from the mouthes of today’s most notable pricing experts. Our mission is to contribute to the cultivation of the market, helping aspiring pricing heroes thrive during even the most challenging times. 

For our Summer issue, we’re very pleased to welcome Miha Deu, Head of Online Sales at SPAR Slovenija d.o.o., who gives fair warning that having a great product or service is never enough if you don’t also have a pricing strategy in place. 


RPH: Compared to pure online supermarkets, what advantages do you envision for 2023 by being part of a traditional retail chain group like SPAR?

Miha Deu: The most important advantage is that SPAR is a well-established, trusted, top of mind brand in Slovenia, with a 30-year history on the market. This facilitates our online marketing when promoting products, and also assists
our purchasing department’s efforts to acquire competitive products at competitive prices.

RPH: The supply chain puts extreme pressure on margins. How does that affect the online operations of SPAR? What can pricing managers do differently to protect their margins at this moment, in your view?

MD: As I briefly mentioned before, we listed more white label products where we monitor the prices of raw materials and ingredients. As soon as we see that the prices have decreased, we ask the supplier to adjust them accordingly. At the same time, this also forces other suppliers to adjust their prices, otherwise the price difference may be too great between white label and brand products.

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