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Sole AI-driven technology triggers less innovation than expected retail-wide. Pricing is an absolutely key initiative that delivers your top-line and builds your image in customers’ minds. For us achieving pricing excellence means being with you side by side when experiencing real pricing innovation with our Yieldigo application. We do highly enjoy daily work with our clients, the real pricing leaders, who made us develop the most user-friendly pricing solution ever created for retailers. Big thanks for sharing this together!

We are here for your success

Our Clients Success team provides you with ongoing assistance during Yieldigo solution onboarding and daily usage. There is always a dedicated expert on our side who will make sure you meet your goals.

Our own continuous R&D, solution capabilities scaling

Our ongoing R&D on the application, pricing, and AI capabilities guarantee our clients and users the most modern and edge pricing techniques as the years go by. These are delivered instantly through our SaaS web application giving true sense to cloud.

We keep your data safe

Yieldigo uses Microsoft Data infrastructure to enable our clients to benefit from its security and flexibility. This really makes the Yieldigo solution safe and easy-to-connect.

We make your daily pricing enjoyable

We do enjoy daily work with our clients who made us to develop the most user-friendly pricing solution ever created for retailers. We call it a pricing cockpit that is being designed according to our clients latest user experience.

Just 1 month to value

With Yieldigo price optimization algorithms it takes just a few weeks to learn from your transactional data any purchasing behaviours of your customers. Once trained you can immediately start to steer your pricing towards the objectives you select.

Why join our Customer Advisory Board?

At Yieldigo, we bring together a community of customers and non-customers who share their feedback, insights and influence the future roadmap of our pricing optimization tool.

Don't miss out the opportunity to:

  • Get the tailored solution in a fast and affordable manner
  • Shape the future together with the largest global retailers
  • Get the chance to early adopt the latest pricing technologies
Please note: The communication with the CAB members will be English only

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