Yieldigo is a proud partner of FMCG Retail Summit in Sarajevo

Yieldigo is a proud partner of FMCG Retail Summit in Sarajevo

On Thursday, 4th of March 2021, we are attending the major bosnian conference for the professional community of the retail experts and industry leaders.

We are happy to bring up the topics of how the data optimization engine evaluates the optimal prices within the user defined ranges, or how the precise prediction on KPIs like profit, revenue, margin and volume allows to choose the right pricing strategy, and what positive changes can bring the simulations of performance-based recommendations for the largest impact promotional items.

Yieldigo, with its vast experiences from EU and Russian markets, has a lot to bring and share to the expert community, where professionals and best minds from the retail industry discuss the critical issues for nowadays FMCG challenges, including pricing methods, transition on digital approach in pricing and use of AI and machine learning.

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