Yieldigo November 2022: Main menu redesign, admin, filters & announcements

We have heard you and we implemented several changes that you were suggesting. Please, enjoy the new, self-explanatory menu, sales history charts and more intuitive admin and filtering options.

Main menu: Regular pricing, Special pricing, General

The menu is now organized into three sections with self-explanatory names of modules. Regular pricing contains all modules related to regular price management, as well as reports. Special pricing contains Promotions and Bulk Pricing, and the General section now consists of Families and Exports.The menu now displays all the available app modules that may not be active for your company. 

Sales history charts in promotions

Based on your requests, both Sales History and Quantity in baskets charts are now available in the Promotions module. They are shown as tabs in the detail of any article chosen from the Promo bubbles. 


New administration module for admins

User Management has been moved to a new Administration module which is now available for Admins. A restructured menu provides a clear overview of all modules available in the app and also allows adding new functionalities in the future (e.g. user activity log).

Enhanced filtering options: alerts and article classes

Based on numerous requests we have expanded filters to allow higher flexibility and more precise results. 

  • Alert type filter – Allows article filtering by individual alert type. The filter is available in Price Management and Price Reports modules.
  • Article class filter in Families – Classes are now displayed in the Families module as badges on each article. It is also possible to filter families containing articles with a selected class.

Announcements with information updates

 A new functionality allowing us to provide important information updates to all users directly in the app. E.g. When an app release is coming, as soon as you log in, an announcement bar with details will be displayed at the top of the screen.

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