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Constrained optimization

Data optimization engine searches for optimal prices within user-defined price ranges.

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Instant KPIs prediction

Precise prediction on KPIs like Profit, Revenue, Margin or Volume allows to choose the right pricing strategy that delivers your business objectives.

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What-if simulation

Instantly compare enterprise-wide pricing strategies by their impact on your P&L at article, store, or chain scale.

Promotion insights
& recommendations

Yieldigo provides you with performance-based recommendations for the largest impact promotion items.

Bulk pricing

Unlocks Buy more, pay less pricing techniques.

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Article families builder

Efficiently group the same products by flavor and pack size to ensure fair prices within a family.

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Omnichannel pricing solution

Seamlessly execute your pricing strategy across traditional Brick&Mortar and online sales channels.

Customer insights

Yieldigo empowers you with a deep understanding
of shopper preferences and purchasing behavior

Price elasticity





Day of week

Private labels Brand positioning

Allows to position private brands relatively towards the international ones to ensure the right price image of your chain.

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