Maximize your profit or revenues using our Customer-Centric Machine Learning Algorithm

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Choose your optimization objective

Revenue increase
While keeping a certain level of profit margin

Profit increase
While preserving revenues and price index

Automate pricing without complex rules

Set broad ranges and the AI will react to changes in demand and the competitive marketplace, helping you maximize revenues and profits.

See profit improvement after 3 months already

First results are already visible after the first month, with full effect achieved after third month.

Store Specific Prices

Understand your shoppers and specifically target different store formats and locations.

Individual Prices for Customer Segments

Provide personalized offers

Real-time Prices

Adjust your prices in real-time to reflect factors like stock or time of day

Multichannel & Unified Retail Commerce

Provide consistent pricing across all channels

Promotion Optimization

Identify items with the largest promotions impact per category, subcategory or supplier

Markdowns Optimization

Identify overstocked items to avoid losses due to expiration and seasonality

Pricing Insights

Get actionable information from your data to further improve your pricing strategy

Complex Pricing Platform

Manage pricing in multiple countries and brands with ease

Implementation process



8 weeks

  • Assortment categories for Pilot phase are selected
  • We prepare your data for use of the tool and we adjust the output to fit your system

  • Once we have the data, the algorithm begins training on it

  • Together we define price ranges and test governance


4 months

  • You receive optimized prices regularly, directly into your system

  • We train your pricing staff to manage the solution using administration interface

  • The tool’s impact is measured, evaluated, and presented to you
  • You can opt-out any time during this phase

Regular usage

1 year contract

  • The administration is fully under your control

  • Categories priced by Yieldigo are expanded

  • Yieldigo provides regular updates and ongoing support

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