Creating pricing technologies for retail chains of 21st century

We live to fill gaps the retail pricing managers are facing today. Gaps that are multiplied by effects of covid, inflation, post-inflation risks. Now. Globally.

Yieldigo founding story

We have always been fascinated with the concept of price and pricing. Driven by the conflict between exchange value, use value and customer value, we felt the need to reflect on what the components of retail price are, what plays a role in determining it, what a fair price actually looks like and how it is calculated. And why were we so keen to know? Simply because we all shop at least once a week and pay retail prices someone had to set before.

The need to delve deeper into the secrets of retail pricing came while we were doing a master’s degree at the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering. So, we joined a group of select mathematicians and PhD’s to conduct multi-year scientific research on the topic.

Our research found that prices and pricing are completely sorted out in some sectors while in others they remain an uncharted territory where available modern technology is underused. This struck us as strange at a time when commercial space flights, Mars settlement and cultured meat have become common talk.

Logio, a company present in the technological market for retail since 2004 and our future angel investor, supported our enthusiasm at the outset, laying the groundwork for collaboration in which our goal was to verify whether advanced mathematics can provide a basis for developing technology for 21st century retail pricing.

After several months of secret visits to our alma mater (our equivalent of the proverbial start-up garage) where the Internet, air-conditioner and whiteboard were available (that was all we needed :)), we came to believe it is possible.

Within less than three months we secured angel investment and welcomed our first team members who had the courage to rise to the challenge with us. This was in late 2016 and empowered us with excellent mathematical and computer science skills.

Over the years that followed, we teamed up with world-class experts in retail pricing and hired additional staff. They joined us on yet another crazy journey on which we have successfully turned a mathematical model with machine learning and AI features into a production algorithm and ultimately developed it into a functional price management cockpit.

We are proud that it has brought together an amazing team of experts, enthusiasts and young talents who every day help to change what impacts the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Yieldigo vision

As the company vision, we seek to disrupt the retail pricing solutions market established in 2002 in a pre-ML/AI business era. As many years have passed and new technologies together with the way people use them have emerged even in the retail pricing domain since then, the former Excel-like approach is under big fire from the retailers’ side. These days it’s already difficult to operate without consideration of shoppers’ response to prices.

We live to fill gaps, build, and spread globally the dominant retail pricing tool in the world, which retail pricing managers will love because of a combination of AI/ML technology accessible via modern AI-principles friendly GUI, capturing today’s increased complexity in retail into an easily manageable pricing cockpit. We call it The First Enjoyable Retail Pricing. This turns retail pricing managers into company heroes because without their preciseness about prices, these retail companies would have crashed due to either losing shoppers or unprofitable margins.

“I’m 100% sure your mother cares about prices when shopping for goods.”

David, CEO at Yieldigo








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Our values

Cultural Diversity

We take all cultures on an equal footing and different views and approaches as mutual enrichment.

Open Feedback Culture

Everyone can give feedback to anyone. Let’s make a little exercise – give feedback to our CEO tomorrow on your onboarding.

Expertship & Talent

Working with the best domain-experts or best talents is deeply in our founding principles.

Sharing Is Caring/Deep listening

If you are thinking if you can or cannot share something within the team, to your colleagues, team leaders, CEO, you always can! We are here to listen to you.

Leading by Example

We believe that this is the only right way to gain and pass on the experience gained. Listen, watch and do it too. Don't forget to give back what you've learned to other colleagues and within the startup community.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We do expect people to work hard and be excellent at their jobs, we are very supportive and the first one who will help you celebrate your successes.

Backed by top VC firms

Yieldigo as seen by its investors

Premysl Rubes
Premysl RubesFounder & Managing Director
Presto Ventures
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Yieldigo is a prototype of a company from CEE, which is based on the technical talent of its founders. They have managed to achieve product quality at the world level of pricing and are on a great way to break through business in the largest markets. This is confirmed by the satisfaction of existing customers and the interest from world leaders in retail business.
Adam Kocik
Adam KocikManaging Director
J&T Ventures
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We are delighted to have Yieldigo in our portfolio as we perceive that the retail industry is undergoing fast digitalization and Yieldigo’s unique pricing tool perfectly fits in the market disruption.

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