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We live to solve the pricing gaps that retail price managers face today, and help reduce current financial risks sparked by recent unprecedented global events like COVID-19, inflation, and post-inflation.

Our Story: Passion for Pricing

Driven by our curiosity for the conflict between exchange value, use value, and customer value, we felt the need to analyze the components of retail price, the factors that determine it, and what a fair price actually looks like and how it is calculated. We were drawn to the fact that most people shop at least once per week and pay retail prices that someone previously set.

Our research found that prices and pricing are managed down to a tee in some sectors, while in others they remain an uncharted territory—it was apparent that readily available modern technology was very underused. We found this to be quite odd, considering that we were in an era where talk of commercial space flights, Mars settlement, and cultured meat were already everyday conversation.

In late 2016, we came to believe that our vision to apply advanced mathematics as a basis for developing retail pricing technology for the 21st century was finally possible. 

We  proceeded to partner up with world-class experts in retail pricing and hired additional staff to join us on our crazy journey. Our unified efforts helped us turn a mathematical model with machine learning and AI features into a production algorithm that we ultimately developed into an effective pricing management cockpit.

We are proud that this journey has brought together an amazing team of experts, enthusiasts, and young talents who impact the pricing management field, a business that impacts the lives of billions of people worldwide every day.

Our Vision

We seek to empower a new generation of pricing heroes, consistently enabling retail pricing professionals to maintain control over their daily prices and margins, helping them handle large assortments and facilitating their ability to scale their operations. 

Our approach disrupts the antiquated retail pricing model established in 2002. The rise of new technologies that we use today, particularly ML and AI, have significantly impacted the retail pricing domain. Yieldigo captures today’s increased retail pricing complexity and empowers you to take control of your business.

Our pricing techniques turn retail pricing managers into company heroes—without their precise understanding of price, their retail organization would crumble due to loss of shoppers or dangerously unprofitable margins.

We are Yieldigo—whatever we do, we make pricing simple.

“There are three certainties in life: Birth, death, and prices.”

David, CEO at Yieldigo








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Our Values

Cultural Diversity

We take all cultures on an equal footing, and we perceive different views and approaches as mutual enrichment.

Open Feedback Culture

We thrive from open feedback. Let’s do a small exercise–give feedback to our CEO tomorrow during your onboarding.

Expertship & Talent

We work with the best domain-experts and industry talents in their field—it is a core part of our founding principles.

Deep Listening

You can always share your thoughts with our team—we are here to listen to you, teammates all the way through to our CEO.

Leading by Example

Listen, watch, do. Don't forget to give back what you've learned to your colleagues and to the startup community.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We demand hard work and excellence. We support personal ventures, work-life balance, and celebrate your accomplishments.

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