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TOP5 reasons why retail CEOs have looked for a new pricing tool in 2022
All managers in retail chains who don’t prioritize pricing two levels up in 2023 put their P&L and their jobs under serious risk.
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Hidden Advantages of Pricing Tiers
Buy X Get 1 For Free, Volume Discounts, Buy More Pay Less...Many names for the same core idea. If done...
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Retail Pricing Heroes with Pavel Tomanek, COO Tesco, Lenta, X5, O’key
All managers in retail chains who don’t prioritize pricing two levels up in 2023 put their P&L and their...
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Product update
Yieldigo November 2022: Main menu redesign, admin, filters & announcements
We have heard you and we implemented several changes that you were suggesting. Enjoy the new, self-explanatory...
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We did it again! Yieldigo is part of an exclusive club of Representative vendors in the Gartner 2022 Market Guide.
Well, we are again on top of the world, in the company of the best pricing and promotion solutions. We...
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Miloslav Kucmen: How to prevent issues when implementing a pricing solution
Miloslav Kucmen has been working as a delivery and project manager for more than 20 years with an expertise...
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Prices that feel right
Prices that feel just right: how to use psychology in your pricing
Psychological pricing is a pricing/marketing strategy based on the theory that certain prices have a...
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Inflation - Retail Prices Handling
Well, we’re currently facing some of the highest inflation rates ever. How did we get such high inflation?
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Kosik CS & Yieldigo - Customer Story
How to serve more countries and different regions with a dedicated price management tool. Discover the...
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Pandora – 1
What's inside your Pricing Pandora Box?
Managing pricing used to be coordinated by, as we called it, black-box algorithms. Meaning, a system...
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Yieldigo & Metro SK - A Customer Success Story
It was an honor for Yieldigo to have our Director of Sales Milan Havlicek together with CEO of Makro...
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Promotion & Cannibalization: How does the Yieldigo tool manage this dilemma?
Promotion & Cannibalization effects
Yieldigo Price optimization solution, designed for retailers, takes seriously all cannibalization, side-effects...
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Webinar: Retail pricing beyond Excel
The live interview with Radim Dudek, Product Director and Milan Havlíček, Sales Director of Yieldigo...
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Video_ Radim a Ivan
Expert talk with Radim Dudek and Ivan Chemtob on pricing strategies in Retail
Talking about pricing strategies, what plays a role in it and how Yieldigo helps to bring them to life.
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Yieldigo tech talk with Milan Havlicek and Jiri Psota
In this article, we'll focus on introducing the main benefits of each way to help you with the right...
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Discussion avec Yieldigo Tech, Milan H. et Jiri Psota
Dans cet article, nous nous concentrerons sur les principaux avantages de chaque méthode pour vous aider...
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Yieldigo's Customer Advisory Board embarks the new market segments
Yieldigo's Customer Advisory Board embarks the new market segments
There are several ways of how young companies approach their R&D activities. Following the proven...
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Named Gartner Cool Vendor in 2019, Yieldigo has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in 2021 Gartner Market Guide.
Yieldigo scores in Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications...
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Yieldigo is a proud partner of FMCG Retail Summit in Sarajevo
On Thursday, 4th of March 2021, we are attending the major bosnian conference for the professional community...
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passion for pricing
Passion for Customer Success
At Yieldigo, our clients come first and we take the best care to ensure that their business can grow....
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Yieldigo raised €2 million in a Seed round led by J&T Ventures!
Czech startup Yieldigo closes 2 million Euro investment with J&T Ventures, Alchemist Accelerator and...
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Price elasticity - The holy grail of pricing strategy?
Pricing strategy is basically what makes money for your business. It can decide if you are losing, or...
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Audio webinar – Mathematical Price Optimization for B2C Retailers webinar
What data is needed, what is considered absolutely necessary and what can be added on top?
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Machine as the only tool that deeply understands the shopper’s view on assortment
Atfirst glance, it might seem to be very easy to set the right parameters and conditions for price optimization...
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automatic_price_optimisation_as_a_tool_for small_and_large_retailers
Automatic price optimisation as a tool for small and large retailers
Who deals with prices more: small or large retailers? What should the retailer who decides for price...
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