Regain Pricing Control with a Modern and Powerful Price2Spy Alternative.

Notable retail players on the market trust Yieldigo due to its ease of implementation, ease of use, and unmatched effectiveness at managing the prices of over tens of thousands of SKUs.

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Trusted by Top Retailers

ML/AI price management built for e-shops, and large and small retailers

Gain Powerful ML/AI Capabilities with Notable Ease of Use

Yieldigo offers ML/AI pricing strategy techniques and modern price elasticity technologies to help you make the best pricing decisions for e-shops as well as both small and large retail firms.

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Your Pricing Strategy Does Not Require Multiple Pricing Managers.

Applying an affordable pricing strategy to your business is smart–but, one pricing manager with one competent pricing software outperforms multiple contributors relying on outdated or manual pricing techniques.

Save Money and Time, All While Sparing Yourself Multiple Headaches

Ready-to-rock actionable price figures in less than 12 weeks.

As a pricing professional you must act in days and deliver in weeks. You shouldn’t be held back by tools that do not help produce tangible results, fast.

Pricing professionals rule the Pricing-AI, instead of AI ruling them.

Price managers are in full control of our AI. We help sales and pricing teams succeed in unison via the unleashed potential of their cumulative pricing data and experiences.

With 8 clicks or less you can initiate any pricing action!

Top-tier price management, simplified. Whatever capability we add to the solution, we make sure it takes no more than 8 clicks for the users to execute.

Easy to Implement, Even Easier to Use.

Our dedicated delivery team helps you quickly integrate your data into the product, which provides actionable, real-time rendered price figures in less than 12 weeks.

End-users have full control over the powerful ML/AI cockpit rather than the ML/AI ruling them, keeping top management in the decision-making driver’s seat. And with only 8 clicks to take any pricing action, we can proudly and safely say that with Yieldigo price management has never been more fun or easy, empowering you to make industry-savvy decisions that drive your retail business.

How Yieldigo Works: Learn Customer Behavior via Data Modeling

Data Integration

Weaponize your data by applying your transaction history, master data, previous promotions, and competitor prices to the new pricing approach and strategy you will build with Yieldigo.

Data Cleaning

Identify outliers, consolidate data formats, and correct your data errors to ensure that the data you are working with is of optimal qualityour team will assist you throughout this process!

Pricing Strategy

Execute a well thought-out pricing strategy and set realistic price optimization goals. Create basket types, manage various store formats across pricing zones, create product families, and more.

Pricing Ranges

Save precious margins by setting intelligent pricing ranges: Price products strategically against your competitors, manage product brands, and set ranges for baskets.

Price Optimization

Optimize prices through reliable price elasticity adjustments, prevent cannibalization, run effective promotions and markdowns, create seasonal prices, and do smart price rounding.

New Purchases

Run continuous data analyses, model re-calibration, and consistently execute a routine feedback loop (daily, weekly, or monthly) through price exports, and business-critical price changes.

Backed by Years of Experience and Data

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