Two pricing tools
Two different use cases

Built for pricing professionals to rule the Pricing-AI, instead of the AI ruling them

For manual Excel-like
pricing outside of Excel

The aforementioned statements are based on our market experiences and information from the retail chains that communicate with us.

Ready to move beyond antiquated pricing tools and black-box optimization?

What Our Users Say About Yieldigo

„I have experienced the tool in fully autonomous mode and with an expert pricing team. I appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness, fantastic results, and the great team behind the solution!”

Ondrej Karmazin

Pricing & BI Manager, Ahold Czechia

„We adopted Yieldigo, because of its tangible improvements. We could see no other company in the price optimization market that was willing to prove benefits.”

Marek Haller

Head of Revenue Management, MAKRO/METRO

„Yieldigo is a very professional company, they can do a lot in pricing area – only your internal data is the limit.”

Mateusz Remus

Business Analysis & Merchandising Manager,
SuperPharm Poland

„We can always count on the Yieldigo team to take care of things which are crucial for our business. Their responses are always fast and precise.”

Philipp Prüfer

Pricing Manager,

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