AI price optimisation for retail

Yieldigo is a SaaS solution that helps retailers to set optimal prices based on their shoppers behaviour by using advanced mathematical algorithms. Yieldigo clients are




5–15% profit increase

How do you determine price of your products?


Cost plus method | This price may be the one that keeps your margin at the desired level. But is it the price that your shoppers are willing to pay?



Price follower method | This price keeps you aligned with your competitors. But it is the price that ensures accomplishing current company targets?


Increase your profit and revenue with optimal prices

Shoppers and retailers meet at one place. Which is a shelf in a store. Yieldigo AI simulates shoppers purchase behaviour when facing the shelves. Following that Yieldigo suggests optimal prices of retailer's assortment that the shoppers are willing to pay.

5 – 15% profit increase | 3 – 8% revenue increase | no implementation fee | fair performance based price

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Store specific prices

Understand your shoppers and target different store formats and locations specifically.

Set your own pricing strategy

Choose profit or revenue to be maximised; margins or price indexes to be respected.

Quick financial improvements

Our SaaS approach brings a 1 month implementation phase and first tangible results in 2 months.

SaaS = NO upfront investment

We deliver turnkey solution with no set up costs. The integration costs are born by Yieldigo.

Effortless administration

User interface enables effortless and quick changes in price optimisation setup.

We offer a trial

Start pricing optimisation today.


Tue, 03 Apr 2018
Audio webinar - Mathematical Price Optimization for B2C Retailers webinar

What data is needed, what is considered absolutely necessary and what can be added on top?

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Tue, 03 Apr 2018
Automatic price optimisation as a tool for small and large retailers

Who deal with prices more, small or large retailers? What should the retailer that decides for price optimisation expect? …

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Fri, 04 May 2018
Machine as the only tool that deeply understands the shopper’s view on assortment

At first glance, it might seem to be it very easy to set right parameters and conditions for price optimisation of goods in supermarkets. …

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Our mission

is to bring retailers completed targets and satisfied shoppers