Customer-Centric AI Pricing Platform for Retailers

We help Supermarkets, Pharmacies and Drug stores

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4%+ profit increase

We help our customers from multiple countries to manage pricing of their assortment. They leverage our Customer-Centric AI Pricing Platform to generate additional profit from their regular prices.

Standard pricing methods leave the customer out of the price setting

Yieldigo introduces Customer-Centricity into price setting

  • Adds customer perspective in the form of Price Elasticity, Price Perception or external factors (season, weather, etc.)
  • Margin & competitor’s prices are among reflected factors

  • This translates into a higher profit while keeping price perception

  • Prices are set based on the desired position compared to the competition
  • Margin is also considered as a secondary criteria
  • Pricing is reactive to a selected competitor/s

  • Prices are set based on the Profit Margin criteria
  • Pricing is inward-looking; it does not consider external factors such as competitors or customers
purchasing behavior
Price follower
Cost plus

Yieldigo is an AI pricing tool that incorporates
customer’s willingness to pay

Our best-in-class profit-increasing pricing platform:

Delivers measurable results

Yieldigo provides quantitative proof thanks to initial exact measurement during trial.

Requires no upfront investment

Integration costs are covered by Yieldigo. For the price optimization solution, Yieldigo charges a performance-based fee.

Has the fastest integration in the market

Thanks to a prefabricated SaaS solution the integration takes only 6 weeks (market benchmark is 18+ weeks).

Find out how Yieldigo can enhance your business

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