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Automation that lowers potential risk of
manual errors in pricing

“Together with the ability to manage high complexity tasks we value the user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and manage.”

Josef Hovořák
Head of Pricing & Category Management at Koší

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Metro Slovakia had to adjust their strategies
and revise their entire baskets to keep up

“With the support of Yieldigo, we were able to implement a new approach in our pricing strategies”

Xavier Gardies
Chief Commercial Officer at Metro Cash and Carry Slovakia

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Bringmeister improved the pricing process with Yieldigo

“Since we have been using Yieldigo our processes have become highly automated”

Michaela Kuliskova
Data Analytics at

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Yieldigo as seen by our customers

„We adopted Yieldigo, because of its tangible improvements. We could see no other company in the price optimization market that was willing to prove benefits.”

Marek Haller
Marek Haller

„Yieldigo is a very professional company, they can do a lot in pricing area – only your internal data is the limit.“

Mateusz Remus
Mateusz Remus
SuperPharm Poland

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