Here we go again with the Retail Pricing Heroes magazine for all retail pricing experts who want to price two levels up. Again with the ambition to contribute to the cultivation of the market. 

For the spring issue, we’ve been honored to interview Nikola Kostoski, former Strategy & Digital Director, Delhaize Serbia on what can happen if pricing directors will just ignore the data. 

Retail Pricing Heroes: 2022 was a year of massive inflation. How long should people expect this level of price increases? 

Nikola Kostoski: With all the uncertainties surrounding us (the war in Ukraine, energy prices, China and the US slowing down and uncertain levels of Covid) – the best case scenario should be Q3/Q4 this year. However, this comes with a lot of ‘ifs’. Looking back at the last big crisis we had (2008 market crash), the most resilient economies took 18 months to recover after major governmental interventions. This time it might be more difficult as not everything is in the hands of European governments.

RPH: In corporate board meetings, how much more often were prices and pricing a subject of discussion in 2022 as compared to 2021?

NK: Considering that pricing is a ‘hot topic’ of any retail organization as this is one of the most important drivers of customer satisfaction – I can imagine that the discussions on pricing and promotions have gone into overdrive in 2022.

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