Yieldigo Recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide

Prague – 11.3. 2021 -Yieldigo scores in the Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications for the second time in a row

Independent analyst group Gartner Inc. released its annual report, the Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications. Yieldigo was mentioned among the recommended vendors that help retailers reach their overall KPIs with smart and cloud based pricing optimization software by leveraging AI, machine learning and big data. Gartner recommends CIO’s from large retail chains to understand why AI-driven, unified price solutions are necessary for making strategic decisions in unified retail commerce.


Recognition Amidst the Post-Covid Retail Boom

In response to the news and amidst the post-covid era, Yieldigo CEO David Klecka says:

“We’ve been experiencing great demand from retailers prior to covid. With the covid driven dynamics in the retail industry, it’s more relevant than ever today. As retail organizations’ sales accelerated across multiple selling channels, pressure on retail professionals, including the pricing departments, has increased. Consumers have never seen such variety and abundance retail operations and shopping options–this trend is massively accelerating now at an exponential rate! On top of it all, different working habits within retail organizations themselves are being adopted.

David Klecka also notes that, “Professional pricing managers just need one place, one point of truth, to coordinate their whole pricing landscape. They require a place where they can react quickly and combine their varying skills and experiences with real-time data-driven insights. They require an environment where they can run their pricing-strategy simulations, price calculations, or targeted promotions. We are very proud to be named among these recommended vendors, giving us genuine support in our mission towards serving our clients.”


Yieldigo’s Place Within the Future of Retail

During these times of ever-evolving retail complexity, the recent trend in boosting digital channels in parallel with the traditional commerce in pandemic times brings the new demand for greater control, accuracy, transparency, and consistency across all channels. Hiring more pricing experts and increasing manpower not only would cost retailers fortune, it also doesn’t support any of the intentions listed above. Delegating increased pricing operations to a trustworthy and powerful software, while keeping a strategic focus on pricing, is the future trend that CEOs and CIOs must be aware of and should always bear in mind.

After retailers witnessed and applauded Yieldigo’s next-gen Promotional Advisor module launched in 2020, Yieldigo now brings brand new Markdown/Sellout pricing optimization to its platform to satisfy increasing demand from its retail clients. Customers of Yieldigo come mostly from the large international retail chains, supermarkets, and FMCG retailers, spanning across the EU and also worldwide.

To learn more about Yieldigo’s price management software, book a demo with our expert or visit Yieldigo’s product page.

About Yieldigo

Managing the prices of tens of thousands of SKUs in spreadsheet-like tools is extremely inaccurate, time-consuming, and prone to margin-leakages–this poor visibility keeps top managers out of the business driver’s seat.

Yieldigo’s glass-box Price Management platform helps pricing professionals execute the most complex and effective pricing strategies through an extremely intuitive Rules cockpit that helps automate the pricing process, equipping users with self-learning AI/ML algorithms. The most advanced retail chain pricing professionals have won between 3% to 12% of their sales margins back.

In essence, Yieldigo captures today’s increased retail pricing complexity and empowers you to take control of your business.


  • What-if Simulations Using Pricing Scenarios – Predict the impact your potential pricing strategy changes will have on your overall KPIs.
  • Pricing Across Zones and Territories – Ensure that the prices you set for any given product are right throughout your assortment for all of your locations and channels.
  • Brand Positioning – Compare your private brands and position them against your national brands, enabling you to sustain a healthy brand hierarchy.
  • Competitor Price AnalysisKeep your friends close, and your competitors closer–gain insight into market pricing standards, and never lose sight of your competition’s prices.
  • Article Families – Organize articles that belong together and manage them–Yieldigo offers suggestions for where you can form families, ensuring pricing consistency.
  • Bulk Pricing – Create discounted price tiers for customers buying products in larger quantities–the module provides pricing issue alerts and price optimization suggestions.
  • Promotion Dashboard – Execute analyses of your promotions to see how they performed in the past, and run What-if simulations to get a better prediction of their potential outcome in the future.


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