Live webinar: Retail pricing beyond the Excel

Historically Excel has been a tool to manage prices but when your company has a large set of product items, various pricing rules, different locations and plus other variables, using Excel to manage prices becomes very painful. Much more seriously, it could be losing you sales and affecting your competitive drive.

Let’s go through some of the main reasons why this could be the case – and why you might want to consider adopting an advanced pricing solution as a much more reliable way to manage prices.

At our 1 hour live webinar, you will learn

  • how to simply avoid the common pitfalls that companies struggle by using excel or similar manual tools
  • Effective way to manage the advanced pricing rules
  • How to understand your customer data
  • What can lead you to start making informed decisions
  • Steer multiple pricing zones, locations and channels to maximize your profits, margins or overall KPIs

Ready to move beyond Excel or Black box optimization?

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