Servicing 2 countries and different types of regions with a dedicated price management tool

About Koší

Country: Czech Republic, Bulgaria
Industry: Online supermarket
Active SKUs: 35.000

Yieldigo modules in use:
Price management, Markdowns

Motives to take action

Regular prices and markdowns handled manually with manual errors.

Daily decision about prices made with poor knowledge of impacts into sales volumes, margins, revenues, profits and competition price indexes.

Entering Bulgarian market: need of a quick set up of price strategy and execution in less than month.

The solution

  • Empowering with high automation that lowers potential risks of manual errors
  • Equipping with a what-if module capability enabling to simulate impacts of different pricing strategies into KPIs
  • Expirational real-time pricing markdown module deployed to lower waste of unsold products
  • Bringing a fast set up of price image towards competition

The benefits

  • Pricing process of whole assortment under control that enables the company to react on daily basis on the market and competition dynamics as well as internal goals
  • Successful entry to Bulgaria with what-if go-to-market price strategy
  • Launch of Markdown module of ultra-fresh assortment reflecting to the expiration dates of single SKUs
  • Lower amount of prices that suffer from manual errors displayed to shoppers

The vision

We’ve been using Yieldigo for maximizing business figures, such as revenue and profit. Later, we also adopted a Markdown module. As the main benefit of the cooperation, I see the possibility to switch goals which prices are optimized for – either sales profit, revenue, margin, etc. – in real time and according to the current situation in our company.

Together with the ability to manage high complex tasks we value the intuitive user interface that we got used to in 1 month. In case we need any immediate help or support from Yieldigo, there is always a very helpful service available on-demand. I see the tool as a great fit for our daily operations.

Josef Hovořák
Head of Pricing & Category Management Koší