Yieldigo & METRO (SK) Share Their Mutual Success Story at the 2021 Retail Summit in Prague

It was an honor for us at Yieldigo to have our Sales Director, Milan Havlicek, speaking alongside METRO (SK) Board Member, Xavier Gardies, on the grand stage of the Retail Summit 2021 in Prague! Best of all, we were proud to stand alongside one of the biggest retailers of our time to share our mutual success pricing story that we created through our work together.

The Retail Summit is a large retail trade show in Prague that promotes the sharing of perspectives, experiences, and professional insights between today’s industry professionals.  This gathering of retail market players–retailers and manufacturers, domestic and international companies, brick and mortar as well as online retailers–is the perfect podium for gaining important retail market knowledge, while also offering a great opportunity for retail pricing pros to network.

The unexpected and devastating consequences of 2020 brought retailers several important questions and considerations for the future, such as: Do shoppers permanently change their buying behavior, or not? How will these events affect retail business’s internal structures, and employees? Are we entering into a new retail reality? And, what are the business parameters that will be most impacted?

All of these questions were discussed and answered at the Retail Summit by industry professionals like Tomáš Čupr (CEO rohlik.cz), Martin Piterák (COO Kaufland), Petr Hulec (Bushman), Pavlína Kalousová (Plzeňský Prazdroj), Katarína Navrátilová (CEO Tesco ČR), and among these who’s who retail professionals, our very own Milan Havlicek CSO from Yieldigo and Xavier Gardies, Member of the Board from METRO (SK).

A Bonafide Customer Success Story

Milan and Xavier shared the Predictive and Promotional pricing stage at Prague’s 2021 Retail Summit to showcase how working with Yieldigo’s price management solution brought both sides mutual success. The covid crisis caused various notable changes in customer purchasing behavior, which began in 2020 and permeates into 2021. As such, Metro Slovakia knew they had to adjust their pricing strategies and revise all of their baskets to keep up with the world’s volatile and highly changeable financial climate, as well as the global retail environment.

With the help of Yieldigo, Metro SK successfully implemented a new approach to pricing that not only helped them overcome the difficulties of our times, but that propelled them into a more prominent future for their business.

You can read the official METRO (SK) case study and learn about our entire success story by clicking on the following link to our case study page.

Check out this short video below to see how we made this mutual success story happen!