Promo Module Is Here!

A new way to look at promotions

We’re introducing a new module aimed to improve your short-term promotions.
It answers questions such as:
  • What impact did a promotion actually have?
  • Which products don’t perform well in promotions?
  • How much will a product sell in a future promotion?
  • Will it cannibalize sales of other products?
It starts with a graphical overview that shows you past promotions, their uplift and size in revenue. You can quickly see which products actually draw your customers’ attention and which don’t really have an impact. You can select to view any period of time, specific category, products of one brand or a supplier: You can also look deeper at a specific product and its promotions. Some products perform consistently well, others not so much. You can quickly find out whether one impactless promo was a fluke or a norm. Further on you can do a quick simulation of a future promotion: The simulation includes the impact on:
  • Margins
  • Unit sales
  • Revenue
  • Absolute profit
  • Cannibalized articles
  • Totals including the cannibalization
Please don’t hesitate contact us if you’re interested in using the new functionality!

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