Major App Update

We are back with another regular update. This time it is a major release with noticeable interface changes, a couple new features, and numerous fixes.

What to expect in version 4.35:


Up until now, non-standard, on-demand reports have been covered individually. Since 4.35 update it is possible to request a Custom report template to be prepared by our Support team within dedicated support hours or for a standard support fee if exceeded. Such Custom report will be available for generation and download in a new Custom reports section in Exports module which allows you to generate and download custom reports at any time without the need to contact our Support team and waiting for your request to be processed.

How to request a Custom report

  • Contact our Support and describe your reporting needs and content in detail.
  • After agreeing the details, the Support team will prepare a downloadable Custom report based on your requirements and inform you when it is available for download.
  • Go to Exports > Custom reports tab, simply press Generate and wait for the report to be processed.
  • When completed, the app will automatically start the download in your browser. In case you close the application the report will be available for download next time you visit.
  • Last generated version of the report will always be available for instant download.

Please note that creating a downloadable custom report on demand may take some time depending on the complexity of your requirements.


In Price Management there is a new section called Zones & stores containing overview and hierarchy of all zones and stores inside them. You may open each zone and see the list of stores inside it manually, or you can search a zone or a store using the magnifying glass icon

This feature is available only when you operate on more than one zone and one store.


Unified with the rest of the article lists in the app, colourful info dots indicating specific article settings and alerts are now also shown in the Families module, enabling to see all article information from each view.

As usual, in case you would like to know more about the release and new features, please contact our Support.

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