Regular update v4.52

Version 4.52 is a regular update focused on Bulk Pricing module extension and design.

In line with Yieldigo’s long-term goals to enable optimisation of bulk prices for wholesale and retail clients, in the following update we are taking another step by extending Bulk price suggestions to the level of individual categories. Also, we are streamlining the design of Bulk Pricing module to make it more compact and fit more useful information onto the screen.


Introduced in version 4.48, bulk price suggestions are an optional feature for wholesalers and retailers using price tiers, that generates suggestions of bulk prices according to Suggestion rules set by users. While in the previous release it was possible to set rules only on a global level, now it is possible to define individual rules per category.

  • Rules are automatically inherited by lower category levels from top down. Users can set rules using Suggestion rules (light bulb with cogwheel icon) button in the top-right button menu.

  • When category-specific rules are set by users, inheritance is removed and higher level or global suggestion settings are completely ignored, thus prices for articles in such category and its subcategories are generated exclusively based on individual rules set for the given category. Setting category rules triggers recalculation and, after completion, such category is marked with a light bulb icon indicating specific rules being set, as shown below.

  • When category specific rules are removed, inheritance is returned to the previous state taking rule settings from the closes higher level category.

Please note that Bulk price suggestions are an optional extra feature in Bulk Pricing module. In order to enable it, please contact our Customer Success team.



In order to fit crucial information onto the screen better and make more use of the Bulk Pricing module we have streamlined bulk cards. Blank space is minimised and text information is replaced with a header containing icons that represent date intervals, zones, suggestion type and reason, alerts and notices



  • Custom rounding fixed and optimized
  • Pricing goals feature – single goal settings fixed
  • Total amount tooltip in Sales history charts fixed

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